The company Tehnika-SET d.d. is located in Slovenska Bistrica, inside the IMPOL industrial zone. Slovenska Bistrica is located on the foot of Pohorje along the motorway Maribor - Ljubljana, precisely 25 km from Maribor i.e. 115 km from Ljubljana.

If driving from the Ljubljana direction, leave the motorway at the exit Sl. Bistrica JUG (south), turn right towards the centre of the town and then turn left in the centre of the town, towards Industrial zone IMPOL, which is approximately 1 km away from the centre of the town.

If driving from the Maribor direction, leave the motorway at the exit Sl. Bistrica SEVER (north); turn left on the main road towards Sl. Bistrica. In the centre of the town, at the second traffic lights turn right towards Industrial zone IMPOL (app. 1 km).


Tehnika Set d.d.
Partizanska 38,
SI 2310 Slovenska Bistrica

Phone: +386 2 8453 100
Telefax: +386 2 8180 198
E-mail: tehnikaset(at)

Branko Kodrič,

E-mail: branko.kodric(at)
Phone: +386 2 8453 251

Head of the machine department:
Gorazd Poslek,
E-mail: gorazd.poslek(at)
Phone: +386 2 8453 208

Head of the electrics department: Andrej Krošel,
E-mail: andrej.krosel(at)
Phone: +386 2 8453 982

Head of engineering:
Gvido Španring,

E-mail: gvido.spanring(at)
Phone: +386 2 8453 2851

Marko Colja,

E-mail: marko.colja(at)
Phone: +386 2 8453 986

Ana Stegne,
E-mail: ana.stegne(at)
Phone: +386 2 8453 294

Lea Kropec,
E-mail: lea.kropec(at)
Phone: +386 2 8453 219