Client-specified manufacture of process equipment


Based on our rich experience and excellent professionally skilled staff, we manufacture machines and equipment, tailored to the production processes, specified by the client. A large range of various reference projects has been collected up till today, since we have developed and manufactured metal sheet unwinding machines, unwinding and winding axes, metal sheet shears, billet sawing machines, housings for various gears; and, we also manufacture and renovate production lines, automated storage plants, tools for metal sheet die cutting, muffle furnace, and we offer the renovation of furnaces and gear housings.  

Complete project development from preliminary concept to realization


Our company’s organization sectors can undertake and realize a complete implementation of an ordered project, from the beginning to its completion.

Specialized solutions for metallurgy and steel industry


Our offer of comprehensive solutions of the manufacture of the process equipment is oriented, first, to the projects in the domain of metallurgy and steel industry, where we have acquired many excellent references, and our an excellent, professional staff can provide you the best realization.

Our company can also manufacture larger and heavier machines


Our capacity of the manufacture of steel welded elements is approximately 30 tons per months, since we have the availability of the crane with the capacity of 15 tons. However, we are very flexible in view of these numbers, and we easily adjust our capacities to the client’s needs and to the project in progress.

Order complete servicing


Our professional team will gladly accept your order, when you need a complete renovation or servicing of process equipment (cleaning, bearing replacement, lubrication, replacement of components, remedies, painting, and similar works). The assembly and dismantling of various equipment can be carried out also at your premises.

Do you need any information or proposal?


 CALL US TO: +386 2 8453 250

>> We invite you to view our reference projects: Machines and equipment Transport equipment

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