REFERENCE PROJECTS - Transport facilities

This device manipulates the aluminum coil (12 tons) to turn it over to the correct position. The coil can be loaded on the device by means of a forklift or a crane. Then, the coil can be turned for 90 degrees on one axis, and 180 degrees on the other axis. The device serves for the straining of the rolling mill oils and provides support for the packing of coils.

Transport of crates


The crates are usually transported by means of the chain conveyor belts, conveying the crates of various sizes in view of their intended use and capacity. We have manufactured the conveyor belts, manipulating with crates in several directions, or in one direction.  The multi-directional conveyor belts are equipped with the hydraulic lifting systems and transversal drives, transferring the box to the other - parallel transport line.



The turntable manipulates the crates or pallets. The crates are conveyed on the rotating table in one axis. The drive, designed under the table, operates by means of the electric motor and a gear. Larger tables can be equipped with lateral supporting wheels. The table, too, can have correspondingly large dimensions, to meet the transportation requirements and the number of boxes. This is suitable for two or more crates of various masses and sizes.

We manufacture the transport lines, respecting the client’s wishes and needs. These are most frequently the chain driven roller lines or the electrically driven roller lines. If so required, these can also be the split transport lines, lifting lines, and similar.

Special hangers and hooks


Respecting the client’s wishes and needs, we manufacture non-standard hangers and other lifting devices of various load-bearing capacities. We manufacture special hangers for pallets, manipulating devices for products or semi-products, hooks, and accessories, specific for the client’s production type. 

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