Trustworthy partner for more than 25 years


The shareholders company Tehnika-SET d.d. was founded in the year 1995 by the workers of the company IMPOL Tehnika d.o.o., the affiliate of the company IMPOL d.d. – the world known manufacturer of aluminum semi-products.


 The company took over the program of activities of the company IMPOL Tehnika d.o.o., which was based on the manufacture of mechanical equipment and services for the metallurgical production of aluminum industry. Today, the company operates on more than  3,500 m2 of the working surface in the production halls at the location in the industrial zone of the company IMPOL d.d. in Slovenska Bistrica.

We are investing into development all the time


From the establishment of the company on, we have been investing the over-commitment funds to the modernization of mechanical equipment and software, to the improvement of working conditions, and to the specialized instructions of our personnel, being well aware that these domains present the foundations, for which we have been the clients’ first choice for many years.

We are employing qualified staff


The company employs from 100 to 115 workers, having rich experiences in the domain of design engineering, machine engineering, manufacture of steel structures, mechanical processing, assembly and overhaul of mechanical equipment, and the electrical services.

We manufacture for various fields of industry


Our main activity comprises engineering and designing of our own equipment, or the equipment, ordered for the aluminum and steel processing industry. On our own designs, we manufacture transport equipment, lifting equipment, and manipulators, and we undertake a quality manufacture of process equipment.

Do you need any information or proposal?


 CALL US TO: +386 2 8453 250

>> We invite you to view our reference projects: Machines and equipment Transport equipment

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