The Electrical department of the company Tehnika-SET d.d. is specialized for the preventive, regular, and emergency maintenance of all LV and HV electrical equipment. The main activities of the Electrical department are servicing and rewinding of the AC and DC electric motors, repairs, and renovations of induction furnaces, maintenance of overhead cranes, realization of electrical installations, electrical measurements, and engineering. A high level of quality services is assured by the skilled staff with the acquired certificates and exams (NVQ/National Vocational Qualification, Professional examination for design engineering and supervision, Occupational safety). Our staff is also qualified for the work at height.

Electric motors rewinding and servicing


  • electric motors rewinding and servicing
  • renovation of pumps and of electric motor drives
  • mechanical services, repairs, making of slip rings
  • machine diagnostics and testing
  • rotor balancing
  • examination and servicing of electric motor drives and of their components

Repairs of induction furnaces


  • repairs of induction furnace coils
  • servicing of water cooled coils of induction furnaces
  • overhaul and manufacture of water cooled coil  segments of induction metallurgical furnaces
  • electrification of metallurgical furnaces and equipment

Electrical installation works


  • LV and HV industrial electrical installations 
  • ICT installations
  • adaptation and renovation of existing installations
  • realization of inside and outside installations for public lighting
  • servicing of compensation devices
  • servicing of transformers
  • overhaul works on the site
  • servicing and assembly of all types of HV switches

Maintenance of overhead cranes


  • electrical and mechanical maintenance of all types of overhead cranes
  • reconstruction and assembly of cranes
  • incorporation of frequency regulators on the already existing drives
  • renovation of cranes
  • emergency works

Engineering and electrical measurements


  • project designing of electrical installations 
  • consulting
  • drawing of electrical schemes
  • elaboration of technical and project documents
  • management of plant construction works
  • safety measurements of machines and devices
  • lighting conductor measurements 
  • measurements of electrical power quality
  • temperature measurements of industrial furnaces

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