Advanced, client tailored approach


Our 25-year tradition and highly qualified staff present a firm base, assuring the implementation of engineering and project designing of our own equipment, or the equipment, ordered by a client, or the equipment, manufactured following the client’s drawings.

High capacity technology


Our highly efficient computers and advanced software provide us a powerful support. Our construction office staff elaborates workshop drawings applying the advanced 3D CAD program, as for example, Solid Edge for the modeling in the 3D environment. We apply the SolidCAM for the requirements of the CNC processing, and we also elaborate programs of geometry for the flame cutting.

From preliminary concept to implementation: we are offering you integrated solutions


Our company provides a complete service in one site – starting from preliminary concepts to designs, project documents, and high-level manufacture of machines or devices. Our flexible management policy also enables us to act as a subcontractor.

Rich experiences, based on numerous realized projects


In the course of years-long activities we acquired a lot of valuable experiences, and so we dispose with numerous drawn designs with waste archives, and we pride ourselves with successful realizations of final reference products.

Manufacture of client-specified equipment 


Our diversified activities allow us to develop a desired equipment completely from design engineering, manufacture, and assembly within the company’s field of activities, as we dispose with all the most important segments – engineering, welding-assembly workshop, and mechanical processing by means of CNC machines.

Do you need any information or proposal?


 CALL US TO: +386 2 8453 250

>> We invite you to view our reference projects: Machines and equipment Transport equipment

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