Company data

Basic data


Company’s name: Tehnika – SET Inženiring, proizvodnja in storitve d.d.
(Tehnika – SET Engineering, production, and services d.d.)
Shortened company name: Tehnika – SET d.d.
Company's registered office: Partizanska ulica 38, 2310 Slovenska Bistrica, SLOVENIA
Business activity: Production of other equipment for general use
Legal organizational form: Shareholders company
Entry in the court register: Registered at the District court in Maribor by the decision of the entry in the Register of companies no.: 94/03905
Registration number: 5862639
Tax number: SI17510074
Share capital: 79,076.95 €
Transaction account: Nova KBM d.d. Maribor: SI 56 0443 0000 0227 870

  + 386 (0)2 8453 250

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 CALL US TO: +386 2 8453 250

>> We invite you to view our reference projects: Machines and equipment Transport equipment

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