Quality policy:

Quality is the most significant value and represents endeavours for continuous improvement of all processes and resources of the company TEHNIKA-SET. Quality is managed in accordance with the standard ISO 9001, which refers to all elements of business activities. The quality management system ensures a focus on achieving the expectations of the owners, clients, suppliers, employees and the environment where the company operates. By carrying out the quality management system and setting a personal example, top and middle management of the company motivate and include all employees, who contribute to continuous improvements. We have identified the core processes and supporting processes of the company. The processes represent activity clusters, taking place between the company, consumers and suppliers. The processes have designated owners, who ensure the achievement of the key goals – process indicators. All processes and supporting processes have identified indicators and defined goals, which are the subject of monitoring and aid in decision making.[/vc_column_text]

Quality goals:

Continuous improvement of quality of products and services and by doing so achieving:

harmonisation with the demands of consumers
expansion of sales to more demanding markets
increase of added value
compliance with the dates for manufacturing and a minimum of errors
satisfaction of all participants in the process of order implementation

By monitoring, evaluating and improving processes, the goal is to increase the efficiency of the company by the:

decrease of costs
growth of productivity
cutting process cycles
remedy of reclamations and errors

Increase of capabilities of the company’s resources for the support of achieving goals by:

training and motivation of employees
maintenance and upgrade of machinery equipment
modernisation of software
investments into manufacturing and administrative premises

Execution of steel structure according to DIN EN 1090-1

In the summer of 2014 we acquired and in 2017 updated a mandatory certificate of conformity assessment and construction of steel structures according to SIST EN 1090-1 and SIST EN 1090-2 . The certificate complements and completes the whole quality assurance according to ISO 9001 and ensuring the quality of welding e according to EN ISO 3843-3.